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Omega Lodge # 380

Family Night Dinner

The Fifth Thursday of any month with Five Thursdays

Omega Lodge


Thursday, June 1, 2023: Omega Lodge No. 380 will be dark (NO SCHEDULED MEETING) due to Grand Lodge.  For the rest of June we will have our customary Stated Meeting on the 3rd Thursday and Training on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.  June 29th is a 5th Thursday and will be a Friends and Family Night.


May 25, 2023 (4th Thursday) 7:00 pm: Floorwork Practice, Fellowcraft Degree.  We encourage all Fellowcraft Masons to attend and participate as the best floorwork practices always take place when we have a good number of attendees.  Brothers will begin to gather in the dining room for beverages and fellowship about 6:00 pm.  We invite the District Instructor to join us if he can and make this a District School of Instruction.


May 6th, 2023:  Omega 380 Celebrated its 45th Anniversary with a supper of baked ham and sides as this was the 1st Saturday of May.  Brother Harry Grizzle, who was master at Alpha 172 when Omega 380 split off from Alpha Lodge, attended and shared details of the founding of Omega Lodge No. 380.  We appreciate all the Brothers and Ladies who made time to attend.  Besides pictures, I made a video of Worshipful Grizzle's presentation and it is included for your viewing or download pleasure at the dropbox folder that will be linked below.  Other videos include the Donny Pettis Award presentation to Worshipful Jimmy Patterson, who also shared memories and history of the lodge.  The dropbox containing the pictures and videos are available at the link below:


Much thanks to the Brothers who have updated their contact information.  The lodge email address is :


Also, check out our FACEBOOK GROUPS Page at:


Please support the District 3 Masonic Widows’ Fund.  Many Master Masons find the Masonic Widows Fund  to be a convenient way to help our departed Brothers' widows financially in their hour of need. The Masonic Widow's Fund Application/ Brochure in PDF file format is now available on Dropbox at the link below.  Please encourage all District 3 brothers to join the Masonic Widows’ Fund; it is a very simple and effective way to provide a little help for each new widow.  You can download and print out copies to keep at the Secretary’s desk and to distribute to your lodge brothers or District Visitors.  Please support the fund in all ways possible and contact your Lodge Trustee or Worshipful Master for questions or additional details.  Worshipful Masters: Please make sure your lodge has two trustees, who have ability to attend the quarterly meetings, and that your members know who your lodge trustees are.  Masonic Widow's Fund Application & Info at the link below: 5019k229cqvowu6/MASONIC% 20WIDOW%27s%20FUND%20APP.% 20Rev%20NOV%2021.pdf?dl=0

In addition to the forward of Alpha Lodge No. 172's most recent Schedule/Trestleboard which is being forwarded, I am posting the following link which will provide everyone with access to the Grand Lodge Committee Program Booklet in PDF format for those who would like to learn more about Grand Lodge Programs in advance of the District Deputies Official Visit to your lodge.  I have asked the DDGM if he will provide a list of committeemen and his lodge visitation schedule and that will be included with the booklet when I get it, so check back later if you don't see it now.

Be sure to visit Omega 380's website at:

Lodge Email:

Facebook Groups Page:

Please remember to notify the lodge when your address, phone number or email address has changed.


A lot of information and downloads are available at the Grand Lodge of Florida website:

If you are looking for a Petition or Supplemental Forms, there are many forms (pdf files) that can be downloaded from the Grand Lodge of Florida website.  It always seems to take me a while to find that page, and perhaps the following link will help:

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